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(*Ghazon x *Ghasara)

is the senior stallion at Darlene Steven Stables.  He is bred by artificial insemination and has shipped cooled semenavailable upon request.  He completed the 100 Warmblood Testing in 02.  Stallions are tested in conformation, free jumping, dressage, cross country and complete the test by galloping 1 mile trek with vital signs taken for the cool down. Prior to the test he was training by Francois Lemaire deRuffieu, a French 
riding master and gradate of the Cadre Noir at Saumur, France.  Ghandi has received numerous 1st places in halter and driving, and Series-end Final Champions in riding and driving.  In 2006 and 07 received the ASAV Year-end Just do It Champion Award in Halter. 


Ghandi is a big flashy mover with an exceptional correct hind quarters.  He is a high topped horse with an extremely high placed archy neck with clean throatlatch.  His small Arabian head is well place with a large expressive eye and very small ears.  Ghandi has a large deep flexible shoulder that he passes on to all of his offspring.  He is tight and strong thought out his gaskin and stifle region that allows him to drive under and push off his hind leg flexion.


At this time, Ghandi has only produced fillies from Thoroughbred and Anglo-Arab mares. All of good size and exceptional movers, with large shoulders and strong hind ends.