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Dante' (Nasrallah X Daphne)  was imported by Donna Coss from the Countess Arco-Zinneburg Gestut in Moos, Germany near Plattling.  He has produced three gray colts from Darlene's shagya mares: Surany,  Zima and Zinger.
Dante has won a number of Shagya Arabian Stallion halter classes in Kentucky at the BAHA Spring Blast and San-n-tone Show Series.  Due to a injury he has never been shown under saddle although he is broke to ride.  He is a full brother to Delos Apollon in Germany a M level Dressage Champion.

His father "Nasrallah", who is a Shagya stallion that has won many combined events, some against Warmbloods andhas a permanent breeding license for Trakehner and Bavarian WB breeding.

Dante' is a 15 hand medium framed correct stallion with a long elegant neck cleanly placed in to his sloping shoulder.  His back is of good length for a saddle with a strong loin and long croup.  He has relatively long legs and a beautiful head with a large eye.  He has a ground covering stride with much reach in his forehand.